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Designer Collection | Fashionable Accessories for Pooches and Pooch Parents

You'll hear us talk a lot about function versus form at Pooch & Poodle.  We're constantly amazed at how often we hear dog parents lamenting the lack of stylish accessories (and essentials) for their fur babies. 

We've seen more dull brown leads, worn collars, and purely functional grooming products than we care to count (and that's just in a single day!).  In total contrast to the way the pooch parents accessorize themselves (who look absolutely fabulous, by the way). 

We know that's not because they don't care for their pet.  They simply haven't been able to find an alternative that both looks good and does the job it's supposed to!  Not too much to ask, is it?

Which leads us to one of our core missions here at Pooch & Poodle.  To show dog moms and dads everywhere that you can have both.  Substance and style.  Form and function.  From dog collars to retractable leads.   And more.