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Colorful Dog Bandanas | Knotted (Tie Off) Neckerchief

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These colorful, breathable, cotton bandanas (neckerchiefs) will add that touch of playfulness, style, and personality to your pooch pal.

A perfect way for you and your fur BFF to stand out at the dog park, or fit into that special occasion (birthdays, garden parties, special outings).

They're also easily washable so you needn't worry if they get a little excited.

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Product Features

  • Washable
  • Size (S): 22.83 x 16.14" inches / 58cm x 41cm
  • Size (M): 28.74" x 19.69 inches /73cm x 50cm
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs as well as some of the larger breeds (can be tied to length)


In order to ensure the best fit, we recommend measuring your pet's neck where the collar is worn or measuring the collar itself.  Allow for knotting.

Refer to size guide in the image gallery.

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