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Designer Print Retractable Dog Walking Leash | Automatic Extendable Lead in 3m 5m 6m

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“Beautiful, handy, cute, and strong. Thankyou. Strongly recommend :-)” – 5 Stars

“It's just like in the picture, very pretty colors, comfortable to hold.”  5 Stars

Function and Form

So, walking your fur baby has become a little pedestrian (please don’t excuse the pun, we kinda like it!). 

“If only I could spice things up a bit when we go out for a walk”, we hear you say.  “Why does everything I buy for my dog have to be so … functional?”, we hear you cry.

We’ve heard similar sentiments about the value of form, too:

  • “Style isn’t everything!”
  • “My dog doesn’t care how he looks when he’s taking a walk … why should I?”
  • “No one notices how good the [insert name of day-to-day dog accessory here] looks”

You’ve probably heard a variation of these, too.

And if you’ve found yourself saying (or thinking) any of the above, then you might want to consider joining the Pooch & Poodle camp.  Here we firmly believe that form doesn’t have to be sacrificed to the altar of function.  You CAN have both.

Case in point: a fun retractable dog walking leash.  With one of these in your hand, they'll spot you a mile away.  (In a good way.)

Oh, and expect to be a little delayed on your walks.  Passersby won't be able to help but admire the unique style, as well as the way it gives your pooch the freedom to roam (along with the strength to let them know when it's far enough).  Be prepared for the inevitable question: "where'd you get it!"

Product Features

  • Automatically extends and retracts to give you the control you want, with the freedom your pet needs.
  • Form-fit grip handle with convenient one-handed brake 'n' lock system.
  • Quick release, allowing you to easily disengage for free roam mode, or adjust to required length, all with the press of a button (up to 6m (20ft)).
  • Reflective, high strength, fray-proof nylon lead.
  • Metal snap hook to securely attach to any collar or harness.  Sized to cater for different dog weights (up to 8kg (17.6lb) for 3 M, 15kg (33lb) for 5 M, and 30kg (66lb) for 6 M sizes).

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