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Adjustable Over Shoulder Pet Carrier Sling | For Puppies and Small Dogs

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Please be sure the check the size and weight of your dog before ordering using our sizing and weight guide in the image library.  See shipping times below.

They're not called our constant companions for nothing and the smaller they are, the more constant they can be (we haven't seen too many German Shepherds being carried around the local grocery store, for example). 

But those little legs can only take them so far, and carrying them for any length of time isn't exactly practical either.  Particularly when you're going for that long walk or a leisurely bike ride.  And if it's for those shopping trips, you'll need your hands free.  In crowded places you don't need to be spending your time worrying about your pint-sized pal getting jostled or stepped on.

Why a sling?  Because they're better for both you and your pet. 

For you, because they're more ergonomic than other over the shoulder options.  They'll also leave you less sweaty than a backpack and less likely to crumple your clothes. 

For your pooch, because they're secure and you can more easily see and touch them when they (or you) need reassuring.

Product Features

  • Suits: Perfect for puppies and small dogs (Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, Maltese and similar breeds).  Our small size suits dogs less than 4lb.  Large for those less than 10lb.
  • Safety: Built-in quadruple protection.  Comes with a safety hook to attach to the collar.  An adjustable drawstring opening to keep your furbaby snug as well as prevent shoulders from pushing through.  A sturdy shoulder hook to securely attach the bag to you.  A velcro stopper as an added precaution against the zipper opening while in use.
  • Comfort: A lightweight carrier bag with wide, adjustable, and breathable padded shoulder strap.  Mesh over front and top of the bag for breathability, and foam padding on the bottom and back for extra softness.
  • Ease: Zipper opening to easily get your fur BFF in and out.  Sturdy, quick-release clasp to buckle and unbuckle the shoulder strap and an easily adjustable drawstring opening to accommodate different sized pooches.
  • Convenience: Includes mesh pocket to store smartphones, cards, pet accessories or treats!
  • Durability: Made from canvas and mesh with a PU reinforced bottom (one of the most durable leather alternatives).  We recommend hand washing only, for greater longevity.
  • Colors: Pink/ Blue/ Red/ Green/ Yellow
  • Dimensions: Small 35*20*8.5cm / Large 40*28*8.5cm
  • Weight: Small 250g / Large 350g

Please note that due to high demand shipping times within the US can take up to 2 weeks (we aim for delivery within 7 days).  For other locations, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.