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Cute Dog Stickers | Surprise Your Friends and Delight Your Kids

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Stunning 3D Dog Stickers to Amaze Your Friends

These 3D dog stickers are perfect for surprising your friends, particularly when used in unlikely places.  Yes, we're talking from experience!

Placing them on the toilet cistern or seat cover is a surefire winner.  The fridge, range hood, ceiling or cupboards works well, too.  Basically, any place where your guest (aka victim) will be unexpectedly brought face-to-face with your doggy decor.  Our suggestion for use is as follows:  1.) Select strategic location. 2.) Apply sticker, 3.) Sit back and wait for the double takes!

One of our younger customers placed it on their study table desktop and never gets tired of the 'reveal'.  Typically, when a study pal goes to grab some papers.

The stickers can be applied to most surfaces: windows, cupboards, doors, ceilings, range hoods and even floors (preferably with a 'no-shoes inside' policy).  Basically anywhere there's a smooth, clean, dry surface.

Choice between Forlorn Fred or Tired Out Terence (as we call them).  Select whichever suits your decor, your favorite breed ... or the reaction your looking for when friends see them for the first time.  

Cute Light Switch Dog Sticker - Perfect for Kids Bedrooms

This cute dog cartoon sticker is perfect for placing over light switches in your kid's bedrooms. Peel off in two parts and place over and under the switch to add some fun to your little one's walls. 

Apply in Minutes - Simply Peel and Stick

  1. Peel the sticker carefully from the backing paper.  Preferably with two people for the 3D dog stickers to prevent tearing and/or stickers folding back on themselves.
  2. Place sticker on the wall in the desired location, making sure the wall or surface is smooth, clean, and dry.
  3. Smooth out any air bubbles.

For best results, when applying at height, use a stepladder to ensure the sticker can be firmly pressed to the wall across total surface area.  Do not place stickers on newly painted walls.  Allow at least 3 weeks for paint to be thoroughly dry.  Pre-test using sticker border if in doubt.

Product Features

  • High Quality PVC dog-themed stickers that will make a feature out of any dry, clean, and smooth surface in your house in just minutes.  Walls, windows, doors, light switches, furniture, and white goods (to name a few).
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable: Once applied to a surface, will last and last.
  • Removable: No mess, no fuss.  Easily removed without residue or damage.
  • Stain Resistant: Simply wipe clean with water.
  • Size & Weight: 37x47cm (when removed from backing paper).

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