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Three Sided Toothbrush for Dogs | Fast and Effective Way to Improve Oral Hygiene and Reduce Bad Breath (1pc)

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“This is the first toothbrush our pug allowed us to put in his mouth.” – 5 Stars

“It's soft, the three parts where the bristles of the brush are, are easily separated so as not to hurt the gums. The size is good, a little smaller than my own. The handle is rubber, it grips easily. I loved it. I recommend it.” – 5 Stars

“Pretty effective in cleaning my dog's mouth; more than normal ones.” - 5 Stars

Time to Have That Difficult Conversation With Your K9 Kids

Bad breath starting to impact the relationship with your pooch pal? Feel it's simply too 'touchy' a subject to raise without appearing indelicate?

Worried about their dental hygeine ... and can't get them to understand why regular brushing is so important?

We've had these conversations with our canine kids, too.  And we spent a lot of time looking for a solution that would actually work.  According to veterinarians, periodontal disease and other dental issues are by far the most common health problem for dogs.  So it's not something you should ignore.

Luckily we came across this 'revolutionary' three sided toothbrush for dogs.  It literally attacks your dog's breath and oral health issues from all angles.  With a sturdy, non-slip, ergonomic handle, and three brushes for cleaning all surfaces of the tooth and gums in a single stroke.  Undeniably the best toothbrush we've seen for dogs on the market.

No Pain No Gain

As any veterinary dentist will tell you, plaque and tartar can cause a whole host of health issues.  If left untreated they can lead to infection and pain, ultimately requiring anesthesia and oral surgery.

Unfortunately, brushing remains the most effective method for maintaining good oral hygiene.  While the brush won't make the actual process of cleaning painless - there's nothing that can work that kind of magic - it will make it more effective (and more rapid).  Which ultimately translates to less pain for you and your pooch!

See our tips below for how to introduce the brush to your dog (for first timers).


  • Fast: Doing the right thing for your pet's health is rarely easy.  The three sided toothbrush for dogs does, however, reduce the time needed for brushing.  Leaving more time for the fun parts of the relationship.
  • Effective: For removing plaque and tartar build up on dogs teeth and gums, combatting periodontal disease, and as an adjunct treatment for addressing the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  • Safe: Ergonomically designed handle to prevent slipping, rounded heads and soft bristles to avoid injury to your pooch pal.
  • Durable: Easily outlasts the recommended 2-4 month period for replacing toothbrushes (if you're brushing your pets teeth every day).  Sturdy, colorful, ergonomically designed heads and handle (so it won't injure your pooch pal).  Remember: if you have more than one dog you should use a separate toothbrush for each (as recommended by VCA Animal Hospitals).
  • Stylish: Colorful; available in Blue/White/Orange/Purple
  • Quantity: Single piece.

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Brushing Tips (for first timers)

  1. Try starting with toothpaste only - to let your dog familiarize themselves with the taste - before you subject them to the actual process of brushing.
  2. Consider using a finger toothbrush for a brief period as a way of building up to use of the (bulkier) three sided brush.
  3. Once your pet is familiar with the process, introduce the three sided brush.  Depending on your pooch pals reaction, you may wish to do this over several days.  Either alternating briefly with the finger brush in a single session, or alternating across several days.
  4. As part of step 3, start the brushing where the teeth are more easily accessible (the front and sides towards the front).

Very few dogs like having their teeth brushed, and we know some simply won't tolerate it.  But it's certainly worth the effort as the most effective method available for maintaining good oral health (just as it is for us).