7 Amazing Facts About Dogs For Kids

We love facts about animals.  But most of all we love facts about dogs for kids.  Why?

One, because dogs are our favorite animals.  Two, because there are so many fun, amazing and surprising facts about dogs.  Three, because looking at them through the eyes of children is where much of that fun lies.  

Kids are naturally curious and come up with some of the most unusual and obscure questions about dogs you've probably (n)ever heard.  To compile this list we've been asking a simple question to almost every child we come across: what dog fact would you most like to know?  Some of the responses are funny.  Some shocking.  All have been interesting.

As we continue to ask kids that one simple question we'll continue to build out their responses below.  Stay tuned for updates and we hope you enjoy our Top 7 Amazing Facts About Dogs For Kids to begin with.

surprising dog facts for kids

Facts About Dogs for Kids #1

A Newfoundland named Whizz saved 9 human lives during his 10 year career and is considered to be the No. 1 Water Rescue Dog in the world. 

Whizz lived in Somerset, England and sadly passed away in March, 2016 aged 12.  He stood at just over 6 feet tall on his hind legs and weighed 168 lbs.  He is among only 20 other dogs to have been awarded the PDSA Order of Merit (dubbed the animals' OBE).  Source: PDSA (the world's leading Veterninary charity).

Facts About Dogs for Kids #2

A Border Collie named Chaser knows more than 1,000 words, the largest known vocabulary of any non-human animal.   

Often also called the world's smartest dog that impressive vocabulary also includes nouns, verbs, adverbs and prepositions.  But it's not just about size.  She knows that common nouns can be used to identify different things and can also make inferences.  Such as picking out a toy identified by an unfamiliar word from ones associated with words that are familiar.  Chaser died in 2019 aged 15.  Source: USA Today and The New York Times.

Facts About Dogs for Kids #3

The world's oldest known breed of domesticated dog is the Saluki dating back to 329 BC.

The Saluki is believed to have emerged in Egypt where they were revered.  They were kept as royal pets and mummified following death.  There have even been carvings resembling a Saluki found in present-day Iraq which date back as far as 7000 BC.  Source: Guiness World Records.

Facts About Dogs for Kids #4

Dogs being walked by a man are four times more likely to be aggressive towards other dogs.

Just one of several surprising discoveries from a dog-walking behavior study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science. Not only did it show that the sex of the owner was the biggest determinant of whether the dog would bite or threaten other dogs, but that dogs on a leash are also more likely to act aggressively than those without.  Source: Today.

Facts About Dogs for Kids #5 

A trained Bloodhound is the first animal whose evidence was deemed to be legally admissible in a US court of law.

A typical bloodhound's nose is lined with around 230 million scent receptors, which is around 40 times more than the human nose.  Bloodhounds are so good at tracking they have been known to stick to a trail for more than 140 miles.  Indeed, people have been jailed, at least in part, based on the 'testimony' of Bloodhounds.  Source: PBS

Facts About Dogs for Kids #6

The Norwegian Lundehund has 6 toes on each paw.

Most dogs have have only four fully developed toes on each foot. The Lundehund, however, has six. Four pointing forward and two inward, much like the human thumb. The Lundehand was used for scaling cliffs and robbing Puffins of their eggs. The extra toes provide more grip to navigate steep terrain, slippery rocks and when burrowing into a narrow passage to find a Puffin's nest. Source: American Kennel Club.

Facts About Dogs for Kids #7

Dogs can actually dance ... Ballroom style.

Officially called Musical Freestyle, but better known as Dog Dancing, is where a dog and owner (or handler) pair up -- ballroom dancing style -- for a choreographed dance performed with music and, sometimes, matching costumes. There's even a World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO), which was founded in 1999.  Source: Fetch by WebMD.

Make sure your check back regularly as we continue to update our 'Amazing Facts About Dogs For Kids' list!

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