About Us

What We Do

Pooch & Poodle was created with you in mind. Our dedicated team of pooch parents know that dog enthusiasts are a truly special breed. One that understands the value of connection and friendship.  We also know that that bond fuels a keen desire to celebrate our pets.  In our own way, of course.

Which is what drives us here at Pooch & Poodle.  While many of the products you’ll find on our site are exclusive to us, ALL of them are designed and sourced to speak to You as dog parents.

While we know it’s never the things we buy that creates the special canine connection we all share, we do know it can help with the journey.  For those big and small celebrations along the way.  For sharing with the world a little of who we are.  

How We Do It

As dog enthusiasts we've struggled to find stores that sell unique and stylish dog, or dog-themed, products that speak to who we are.  Whether that be gifts for dog lovers, or the products we all use for everyday canine care. 

So, we made it our mission to do the following three things … and do them extremely well:

  1. Create unique, eye-catching, and stylish dog-themed designs that you'll be proud to wear.  No matter where you go, or in what company you find yourself.
  2. Curate a collection of the most beautiful (and unusual) designer-style dog products on the market.  We aim to disprove the theory that, when it comes to pet products, you have to choose function over form.
  3. Provide you with the information you need as dog parents.  To be the best you can be.

All with a single-minded focus on: quality, value, and exceptionally friendly and efficient customer service.

Do take a look at our ever expanding range of products and let us know what you think.  What we’re missing, what we’re doing well, or what we can do better!

If you have any questions, contact us and one of our team members will reply to you ASAP.