Our Promise

Business For Good

We're here for good ... and to do good along the way.  For us, business is not just business.  This is our passion.  We love dogs and what they represent.

Giving.  Care.  Loyalty.  Love. 

There's no other living creature we've seen embody these qualities more.

These are the same qualities we aim to bring to our business.  For our customers, our suppliers, and the world around us.  We take responsibility for our actions, too.

Our Promise To You

Giving:  Ever heard the phrase 'giving is receiving'.  It's true.  Which is why we donate 10% of profits on our bestselling products to our favorite charity.  We also give you the option to round up every purchase to the nearest dollar.  The balance goes to a charity of your choice.

Care & Loyalty:  We believe what you give you get back in other ways, too.  We promise to treat our customers fairly and with respect.  We sincerely hope you will love each and every product on our site.  

But  more than that, we hope that every interaction with us is a happy one.  If you're not satisfied with your purchase let us know why and we'll do whatever we can to turn it around.  Because we know that if you give us a second chance you won't be disappointed.

Love:  Passion first.  Profit later.  We love what we do.  The moment we start chasing financial reward is the moment we've failed ourselves ... and you.  Every design we make, every product we source, and every article we write is done with love.  Our primary goal is to surprise and delight.  If we ever lose sight of that, drop us a line.  After all, we all need a friendly reminder sometimes.

Responsibility:  We're here by the good graces of mother nature.  Not everything we do makes her happy, but we aim to do better every day:

  • Full refunds, but no returns: Every return has a carbon footprint.  If a product is defective, or not what you ordered, we prefer that you gift it to a charity, a friend, or recycle (depending on the reason for the request).  See our FAQs for further detail.
  • We work with socially responsible suppliers wherever possible:  We do due diligence on all our suppliers and will always value responsible manufacturing over price.  All our unisex tees are made in a fair, humane, and sustainable way and and many of our other products are eco-friendly, too.  We also have a commitment to continuous improvement in eco-friendly sourcing across all our other products.
  • We source products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, wherever possible:  Where it isn't, we do one (or all) of three things.  1.) Research and set up alerts for future environmentally friendly alternatives, 2.) work with our suppliers to improve the materials and processes used to produce the product, and 3.) ensure you can make an informed choice about whether or not to buy.