Hard To Find French Bulldog Lover Gifts for Celeb Parents

French bulldogs are about the cutest fur babies we’ve ever seen.  Small and sturdy with the most amazingly cute ears ever attached to a canine kid.

As any French bulldog lover will tell you, there are other reasons to love them too.  They’re affectionate, loyal and get along well with both children and other pets. 

As if that wasn’t enough, they typically aren’t big barkers, don’t need a whole lot of exercise and are beloved by the tabloids. Folks like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, and The Rock have all been spotted hanging out with a Frenchie.

With that kind of attention, you just know that if you happen to hang out with one, only the best French Bulldog lover gifts will do.  It’s all about keeping up appearances, darling.

To that end we’ve scoured the internet to find the very finest Frenchie themed gifts for celebrity sidekicks (erm, that’s you).

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gifts for french bulldog lovers
French Bulldog Coffee Table Book 


Who wouldn’t want this beautiful hardcover picture book on Frenchie’s sitting on their coffee table?  Created for French Bulldog lovers who take pride in their home, from the good people at ‘The Dog Book Company’.

“[It] includes over 100 high-quality color photos of different types of French Bulldogs as well as a series of ‘Frenchie Facts’ to add character.”

The perfect mix of modern and sophisticated that you’d expect to find in any celebrity home.  

gifts for frenchie lovers
Bulldog Etched Glass and Ice Mold Set


French Bulldog lover gifts don’t come much more celebrity-esque than this.  A tasteful, Frenchie-fied etched glass and ice mold set.

Extremely cool and highly functional.  The set includes two glasses and two ice molds.  Each silicone mold yields beautiful, slow-melting Frenchie ice cubes.  Just what you need for those more intimate celeb parent get togethers.  Another perfect French Bulldog lover gift.

Ice, ice, baby. 

frenchie themed gifts for dog parents
French Bulldog Airpod Case


Apple products are cool.  French bulldog themed Apple accessories are cooler. 

We get it.  When you’re associating with celebrities, everyone expects you to be packing an Apple in them jeans.  What they won’t be expecting is for you to up the cool factor with these Frenchie airpods cases.

Designed in reinforced silicone, these minimalist Frenchie airpod protective cases make great French Bulldog lover gifts. 

frenchie lover gifts
Pooch & Poodle’s Excuse My French (For Being So Cute) T-Shirt


This is what celebrity parents wear when they’re lounging around at home with a few friends or for that low key visit to the latest al fresco café with their celebrity Frenchie.

We designed this one to save you precious time.  It’s hard enough hanging around with a celebrity.  It’s harder having to apologize for them being so cute all the time.  So, we've saved you the bother with our 'Pardon My French' 100% cotton crew neck tee.

They’re super-soft, breathable, lightweight, and made with 100% super soft pre-shrunk cotton.  They’ve also been manufactured to the highest social responsibility and environmental standards. 

frenchie themed gifts
Cute French Bulldog Luggage


Celebrities travel.  It’s just what they do.  And when they do, they (and their entourage) got to be looking fine.

We all know that airports and hotels are favorite hangouts for the paparazzi.  If you (or someone you know) is going to be travelling with a celebrity, then you’ve absolutely got to have chic travel accessories.  No celeb in their right mind is going to keep you on their payroll if you don’t know how to make a good impression.

We got you covered.  This custom luggage from UGOBAGS, with design by produkto, is available in three colors.   Virtually all aspects of the case can be customized.  From the color of the wheels, to the bumpers and handles, as well as the large center image. 

french bulldog speakers
Aerobull Wireless Bluetooth French Bulldog Speaker


Playing rockin’ tunes is part and parcel of the celebrity lifestyle.  There aint no cooler way to play cool tunes than with a Bluetooth French Bulldog Wireless Speaker (and they’re wearing the sunglasses to prove it!).

These puppies sound great, are easy to carry, and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets.  Three colors to choose from.  Exactly what you need when your Frenchie’s hosting their next pool party. 

french bulldog umbrella motif
French Bulldog Stick Umbrella


Even celebrities get wet and a rainy day is just another opportunity to look fabulous.  All you gotta do is go all Mary Poppins with this bad boy.  An auto opening French Bulldog themed stick umbrella.

The San Francisco company are renowned for their exceptional quality ‘brellas, so everyone will know you’re Frenchie has exquisite taste when you pop this open.   They’ve been making them since 2012.  

This one features fiberglass ribs for strength and flexibility, steel shafts for durability and a 40" wide canopy when open.  Of course, your Frenchie also gets to be silkscreened across 8 panels of beautiful, lush silver fabric.  

french bulldog statue
Angel French Bulldog Statue


Every Frenchie household needs a statue of their celebrity god.  In this case, their angelic celebrity god.

Frenchie World has a ton of great French Bulldog lover gifts as well as a nice range of Frenchie statues.  We think the ‘French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue’ is the most fitting for celebrity Frenchies.

They’re limited edition ceramic and porcelain beauties.  Just like your Frenchie (not the fragile part, though!). 

french bulldog lamp
French Bulldog 3D Illusion Table Lamp


Celebrities are used to having gadgets that no one knew even existed.  That’s what their assistants are paid for (‘go find me another shiny bauble’).   These French Bulldog 3D illusion lamp are certainly no run-of-the-mill French bulldog lover gifts.

The lamp creates the perfect Frenchie optical illusion … in seven different colors.  You can set it so the colors change or choose one and stick to it. 

Your Frenchie can spend hours on end mesmerized by its own beauty.  Which gives you more time to spend living up to their fabulousness.


We hope you enjoyed our list of French Bulldog lover gifts for celeb parents.  Just so you know, we earn no commission from any of the retailers featured in this article.

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