How Dogs Are Better Than Cats? 10 Reasons You Can't Argue With

How Dogs Are Better Than Cats? For the grammatically correct, you may have already spotted the mistake. We’ve actually been asked the more usual ‘How Are Dogs Better Than Cats’ question many times. And we’ve always had a ready response: ‘just because they are’ (with sincere apologies to all the misguided cat lovers out there 😊).

But of course, that answer is extremely subjective … and not very useful. So, it wasn’t until we were asked it yet again, this time by a non-native English speaker, that we paused for thought. So, ‘how dogs are better than cats?’ she asked.

While we still didn’t have a ‘good’ answer, the question did yield a few outcomes: 1) the idea for the title of this article, 2) the intro you’re now reading, 3) the desire to do a little research to back up our claim and 4) a steady resolve to come back - to all of you - with a response that’s a little more nuanced.

So, here we are, drawing a line under the age-old debate: how dogs are better than cats?

dogs are better than cats

Now, don’t worry. We’re not going to simply rehash the same old arguments. You know the ones: you can train dogs to do cool stuff, you can teach them manners, they listen to you, etc. Those have all been done … to death!

In any case, the standard response from cat lovers to these has always been the fact you can’t do those things with cats is the very essence of their charm. That unwillingness (inability?) to listen apparently makes them totally superior. Besides, they don’t need to be trained; they don’t need to be walked; they’re not needy. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Hey, you get out what you put in crazy cat people! 

So be it. We shall just have to win the argument the old-fashioned way. Let's blind them with science, baby.

The Scientific Evidence: How Dogs Are Better Than Cats

#1 Dogs Are Smarter

Dogs have about double as many neurons as cats (bet you cat lovers didn’t see that one coming!). The more neurons an animal has, the better its information processing capability. Meaning they’re able to draw better and more consistent conclusions from past experiences. So says a study which included academics from Vanderbilt University and the University of California.

So, in a Snoopy versus Garfield showdown, Snoopy’d kick Garfield’s butt. Only, in a smart way.

why dogs are better than cats

#2 Dogs Can Detect Disease

We’ve probably all read (or heard) about dogs’ ability to detect hypoglycaemia. They’re also able to detect certain cancers, such as lung cancer, according to a study in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Ovarian cancer, too, according to yet other studies. If this isn’t a superpower, we don’t know what is.

#3 Dogs Keep You Healthier

This one will come as no surprise. Dogs need to walk, and they can’t do it alone. A study in the European Journal of Medical Research found that “older people with dogs are covering an average daily distance of approximately 0.95 miles”.  Not too shabby when you're doing it with a walking frame. 😊

Not surprisingly, a report by the Harvard Medical School indicates that dog owners also have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. The message? Get a dog ... so you can eat more processed food.

dogs versus cats

#4 Dogs Are Funny

More precisely, dogs make you laugh. A 2006 study in the journal of Society and Animals found that dog owners laugh more frequently than cat owners. And those without pets laughed more than those who owned only cats. What a downer for cat owners. If laughter is the best medicine, then cat people are crazy.

#5 Dogs Are A Wonderful Social Lubricant

Want to cut down on the alcohol? Get a dog. A study in 2000 found that dogs do indeed dogs act as catalysts for human social interactions. In good ‘ol journal speak they concluded that the: “social catalysis effect is very robust”. Simply strolling around with your dog is a great way to get a conversation started. Get a super cute one to dial your personal magnetism up to ‘nuclear’.

#6 Dogs Move With The Times

Let’s face it, cats are living in the past, man. Yes, there are tech-savvy dogs around that can actually respond to written commands on tablets. There are even training courses available to teach your pooch pal how to take selfies. We fur kid you not.

#7 Dogs May Protect Children Against Illness

A study showed that exposing children to ‘dog dust’ – the dried flakes of skin that naturally fall from our fur kids - may help prevent them developing asthma and allergies in later life. Sure, the study was conducted in mice, but still, that’s nothing to sneeze at. See what we did there?

scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats

The Observable Facts: How Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Now, the studies alone should really be enough to put to bed the whole how dogs are better than cats question. But while studies are no doubt compelling, we’re on a roll. So let’s throw a few observable facts into the mix to close this argument out, shall we?

#8 Dogs Can Predict Bad Things Before They Happen

It’s been well-documented that dogs know when something bad is about to happen.  And there is evidence which suggests dogs can pick up infrasonic sound pulses created by earthquakes and storms and associate these with danger … in advance of the actual event. Here are 6 incredible things dogs can can sense before they happen. Yet another reason to keep our fur friends close.

#9 Ever Seen A Service Cat?

Ever seen a cat guide a visually impaired person across a busy road? Or alert someone that their owner is having a seizure? No?

Ever seen them catch criminals or sniff out bombs? Thought not. Perhaps it’s simply that you’ve not been in the right place at the right time? Or perhaps they simply DON’T EXIST! 😊

#10 Variety Is The Spice of Life

Finally, our last reason on how dogs are better than cats. And it’s a good one! Did you know that, according to the American Kennel Club, there are 190 breeds of dog. Guess what the Cat Fanciers Association have to offer? A measly 42 breeds.

Conclusion: there’s a dog to suit everyone … and just enough cats to suit all kinds of crazy!


dogs go to heaven cats got to hell

Now if you already knew how dogs are better than cats, or we’ve managed to convince you with this article, you’re going to love our ‘Dogs Are Better Than Cats’ T-shirt. You can buy it right here. Right now.

Whether or not you’re a dog person, we hope you enjoyed our light-hearted look at how dogs are better than cats (again, with our sincerest apologies to all those misguided cat lovers 😊).

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