Where To Find The Best Dog Mom Apparel (It’s Not Amazon or Etsy)

A (Brief) History of the Dog Mom Apparel Market

Not so long ago the market for dog mom apparel was relatively limited.  Both in the types of dog-themed clothing you could buy, as well as the type of designs available.  

And while the big e-tailers such as Etsy and Amazon have solved one of these problems (the types of dog mom clothing available), they’ve only partially solved the second (the types of designs).  Why?  In a word: copycats.  Those sellers who look at what’s working for their competition and then produce their own variation.

french bulldog dog mom shirt

Fast forward to 2021 and we’re now spoiled for choice as more retailers have entered the market … with some truly eye-catching and stylish designs. Niche designers just like us at Pooch & Poodle.  But, also a number of the ‘bigger players’ too.  Dog mom apparel is officially big business.

In this article we’ll look at the types of dog print clothing available for dog moms on the market in 2021, with a focus on niche sellers and products by some of the bigger retailers that are not Amazetsy  (as much as we love Amazon and Etsy, trust us, there’s a whole other world out there to explore). 

This way, when you next start thinking about topping up your wardrobe, you’ll know exactly where to start your search for unique and original designs that any dog mom would be proud to wear.

That said, as much as we’d like to think we’ll cover all the great options out there, we know that’s impossible.  So, you may also want to consider doing searches such as: dog print clothing, dog mom apparel, custom dog shirts for humans, dog print shirts, poodle clothes for humans (or any other breed), etc.  We’ve gotten some pretty good results on these keywords (if you're prepared to scroll past Amazon et. al.).

You can find out more about our range of exclusive designs for dog lovers as well as our carefully curated range of products for both you and your pooch here

Let’s get started.

dog mom sportswear dog print clothing


It’s a bit of a judgement call as to what dog mom apparel we include in sportswear versus casual wear.  Many of these would sit comfortably in both camps, e.g. hoodies, leggings and sweatshirts.  But given our main goal is to cover all available dog print clothing options, we hope you’ll forgive us if we differ on the classification.

Sports bras: This category still has quite limited options if you’re going to look for something other than Etsy or Amazon.  Still, we do like the Dog Print Racerback Sports Bra by Jack Squat. They also have a reasonable selection of other items available with the same design.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts: We like this dog print hoodie from The DFY Shop.  Not to mention our own Pooch & Poodle inspirational design (suitable for both men and women).

dog print leggings and dog mom shirt

Leggings:  The range of designs available for animal print leggings has positively exploded, so there’s a plethora of choices available.  We obviously love our own ‘I Heart Dogs’ casual leggings, but there are other great choices out there, too.  Case in point, these Dog Print High Waist Leggings (also from Jack Squat and matches the sports bra we talked about above), or these Cute Dogs Illustrations Patterns Leggings from Zazzle.

Joggers (Track or Sweatpants): The options here are pretty limited (again, unless you simply want to stick with the big e-tailers).  That said, we like these Animal Lovers Sweatpants from the The Animal Rescue Site.

dog themed dog mom biker shorts

Biker or Yoga Shorts:  Again, there isn’t a great amount of choice beyond the usual suspects.  But nonetheless, there are some pretty good ones.  Like these Slobbering Dog Yoga Shorts from Poppin Violets or these fitness biker shorts from Light In The Box.

Casual Wear

As we mentioned above, it’s a coin toss as to whether some of these items fit under sportswear or casual wear.  Again, our primary goal is to cover as many types of dog mom apparel available as possible (and it’s entirely up to you how and when you choose to wear them!).

T-shirts: The number of options available in this category literally made our eyes hurt.  Do you know what made them hurt even more?  The $825 price tag for this dog print t shirt from Balenciaga and $167 for this AG dogs t shirt

dog print shirts I love my dog

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, we carry a range of custom made dog shirts and other dog mom apparel to suit (almost) any occasion.  Some of them are breed specific, such as our poodle t shirts and French bulldog tees.  Others are designed to speak to dog lovers of every shape and size, such as our classic I Love My Dog tee.

Tank tops: We like this Shiba Inu dog print racerback tank top from Vegamartz, and don’t mind if we give a plug for our own Pooch & Poodle Poodlicious slim fit racerback tank top.  You won’t go wrong with either.

Shorts: This was perhaps one of the hardest categories to find a decent range of options for, even if we included 'Amazetsy' in the mix.  But they do exist!  Try these Love Dog’s Paw Print Pedal Pushers with pockets.  Or these Paw Golden Retriever Pattern Print women’s shorts from Grizz Shopping.

Crop tops: While we weren’t especially shocked with the lack of choices for shorts in the dog mom apparel segment, this one did surprise us a little.  Although there were certainly some decent choices available on Etsy our search didn’t reveal too many choices from other retailers.  But all was not lost.  Take a look at the Crazy Dog Lady Crop Top available from My Designation as well as this Dog Graphic Top from Shein.

dog print shirts and tops

Go Anywhere

In this category we’re talking about glam-it-up dog mom apparel style.  The kind of clothing you could wear almost anywhere.  From summer parties to al fresco dining, to a romantic stroll with that special someone you’re trying to impress, or even to the office.

Tops: Although we weren’t exactly spoiled for choice, we were pleased to come across some stylish dog print tops such as these from Shein.  The first is a Cami Crop Top and the second a Floral and Dog Print Sheer Mesh Top.

Shirts: Who would’ve thought fitted dog print shirts would be a thing when it came to dog mom apparel.  This beautiful fitted shirt with dog print from Coton Doux shows us that it’s actually a surprisingly natural fit.  They have plenty of other options too, including slim fit polo shirts like this one.

Skirts: We’re talking minis, pencils, and skater skirts.  Apparently, Etsy has this market pretty much cornered.  Although we’re pretty sure someone else must be doing this, the only retailer we could come up with was a store called My Pet FarFetch.  Take a look at their Dog Print A Line Skirt by PS Paul Smith.

dog print clothing dress

Dresses: There were some surprisingly good options available in this category.  This Essential Antwerp Dress in Dog Print from Shopper Board is a good example.  And this Giorgiana Dog Print Tie Front Midi Dress from Bloomingdales is also refreshingly stylish.  For something a little more playful, it might be worth checking out this Paris Dog Print Pattern Dress from Grizz Shopping.

Sleepwear and Loungewear

Pajamas: Dog-themed pajamas are one of those dog mom apparel items with a rich history.  We can probably all remember these being around when we were kids (and probably when our parents were kids , too).  So, no news flash here.

However, you may not have come across one of the best lounge and sleepwear ranges we’ve seen.  Perhaps because it’s an Australian brand (focused on the Australian market) and partly because you have to dig around for their doggy designs.  But it’s worth it and they ship to a whole host of countries, including the U.S.

dog print pajamas dog themed pyjamas

We also love the Satin Dog Print shirt and trouser pyjama set in sage from Asos as well as this Cartoon Dog & Letter Graphic Tee & Shorts Night Set from Shein and Pink Short Pajama Set from Shop Bop.

Slippers: If it’s style you’re searching for this next item is probably not for you.  But if it’s comfort you’re after, a pair of dog-themed slippers might be just the thing.  We’ve seen a myriad of designs, ranging from the subtle to the gauche.  But perhaps the most unique we’ve come across are these from Cuddle Clones.   A pair of plush, custom dog slippers hand made to look just like your pet.  We wonder, is this the dog mom equivalent of wearing your heart on your sleeve?


We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve come across dog-themed swimming trunks for dog dads.  But what about a nice bikini or sleek one-piece bathing suit for dog moms?  Not so much.

dog print swimwear

One-Piece: Amazingly there are some quite stylish (and even ‘racy’) options available.  Not something you’d traditionally associate with dog mom apparel.  For something more risqué front this one-piece high cut swimsuit from Gear Frost is worth a look.  For something a little more ‘classic’ in the one-piece department, you could also try their German Shepherd dog pattern long sleeve one-piece.

Bikinis: Bikini options are harder to find.  Again, GearFrost is worth checking out.  A good example is their Boston Terrier front bow tie bikini.  Andy Warhol style.


This is another of those categories that still has relatively limited options for dog moms if you don’t go straight to Amazon or Etsy.  Sure, there’s doggy themed boxers galore out there for dog dads, as well as a whole host of choices for the little ones.  Dog moms have been, at least, partially forgotten.

dog themed womens briefs

Particularly if you’re looking for something your grandmother wouldn’t be comfortable in, like this Dogs Of Rock Bikini Brief from Sock It To Me.  Or this matching no show panty and bra set from Sheins.


It’s all about the beanies and baseball caps.  Yes, we know there are other things you can wear on your head with dog prints.  But unless you’re a deity of some description, a 60s child, or are into French berets or English driving caps, we’re going to assume it’s not of particular interest to you.

So, let’s start with baseball caps.  Unsurprisingly there are plenty of options in this category, from embroidered to printed.  A decent place to start is over on rover.com.  Try their Cool Dog Mom Denim Hat for starters.  Chewy also have some nice simple designs that are worth a look, such as this ‘I’d Rather Be With My Dog’ Baseball Cap.

As for Beanies, it looks like we’re pretty much stuck with Etsy, Amazon, and the like.   One of the notable exceptions we did find was over in the American Kennel Club store.  They have a whole range of low-key classic beanies with dog faces for you to peruse.

corgi socks dog print


Socks: Socks is most definitely not a surprise entry on this list.  Dog-themed socks have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  And since most of you probably already know that you can buy pre-designed or custom-made versions (with the likeness of your pet), we won’t spend too much time dwelling on this particular piece of dog mom apparel.  Other than to say that Sock It To Me have got a pretty good range of dog themed socks you might want to browse through.  Like these Nothin’ Butt Corgis Crew Socks.

Shoes: OK, shoes are a pretty broad category.  And when it comes to ‘dress-up’ shoes we have to admit dog-themed apparel options are pretty much non-existent (no surprises there!).  But there are plenty of other options for dog moms that’ll make you wonder why people are staring at your feet (in a good way!).

That said, we have seen a number of stylish, funny and quirky options available in high-top shoes, sneakers, high-top sneakers, boots, flip flops, slip-ons, winter boots and wellingtons (gumboots, galoshes, or rain boots, depending on where you’re from). 

We’re betting quite a few of you had previously only seen doggy themed galoshes for the little ones, or maybe a few understated paw prints on one or two of the styles we mentioned above.  But there’s actually plenty of options available.   The Animal Rescue Site is not a bad starting point to see the kind of footwear available and as a good starting point for further inspiration.  We also like the range from Vegamartz.

dog themed facemask


By which we mean, of course, face masks.  The accessory we never knew we needed (until 2020) has now become just another way to express our sense of style and who we are.  In our case, all-out dog lovers!

As a relative newcomer to the fashion scene, it’s remarkable how you can already find almost any design you could imagine.  Who knew that face masks would be the next generation of dog mom apparel.  In this category we like the custom pet print face masks from Cuddle Clones.

 And That's A Wrap

After reading the article you should now have a pretty good grip on the types and styles of dog mom apparel available in the market … if you don’t want to be limited to your usual suspects.  We also hope that we showcased some options that were just right for you.


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